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Ross Tallent is a fine artist with a history of other work in stage/film/television. His work encompasses a wide variety of styles and subject matters. His goal as an artist is to capture the full spectrum of the human condition as well as take you to places where imagination runs rampant and no boundaries exist.

He has a variety of influences both classical and modern. They range from Renaissance masters and Greek classical sculptors to modern genre artists such as Frank Frazetta and Bernie Wrightson.

Here you will find several galleries. The first features two-dimensional artwork — painting and drawing. The second presents three-dimensional sculptural projects. A third gallery offers a glimpse into projects in development. All provide different subject matters using different media.

Ross encourages commissions, conceptual art in any genre, and freelance work for established studios as well as individuals. Rates are available on request, please use the Contact link to contact the artist.