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About Ross E. Tallent

Ross Tallent was born in the suburbs of Chicago and after several transplants around the country ended up in Los Angeles to pursue his life-long passion of art. The love of art and monsters started at a young age thanks to several different influences like Godzilla and the Hammer Brothers. Movies like “Dragonslayer” and “Clash of the Titans” were hugely influential too. His parents, not particularly warm to these categories of art, enrolled seven-year-old Ross in some private oil painting classes with more traditional subject matter. But the monsters within him grew restless, and once again emerged, taking a more prominent role in his art.

As he entered adolescence, the call of the monsters went full bore and he turned to a sci-fi/fantasy direction almost exclusively. This, combined with a love of comic books and Greek mythology, shaped the course of his art. What he wanted to do with his life was to actually make monsters for a living. So he refocused his attention to theater, earning a B.F.A. in Theater Design/Technology from Northern Illinois University. There he built up a variety of skills from a broad range of disciplines including millinery, carpentry, and welding, in addition to lighting design and some light electrical work. After cutting his teeth in the theater scene working on such classics as “Lobster Boy: the Musical” followed by doing work for renowned companies like the Joffrey Ballet and the award-winning Drury Lane Oakbrook Terrace for a few years, Ross made the move to Los Angeles to make monsters full time.

Once in Los Angeles he began his career with a number of low budget movies nobody has ever heard of, and moved into the arena of blockbusters, helping create make-ups for film like XXX (not a porno) and Jarhead. He also made some monsters for the SyFy Channel and the movie 300, plus numerous television shows ranging from Drew Carey to Star Trek.

Now he divides his time between monster making and more fine-arts types of work after re-discovering his love of the human form in motion, and the stories life has to tell.

Ross Tallent

Ross E. Tallent